Ron Nuoffer

4.5 Years of U.S. Navy Propulsion systems

  • Water Distilling Plants
  • Main Engine and Auxiliary Equipment

44+ years of experience in a Midwest Power Utility Company

  • Coal Yard Equipment Operator
  • Plant Operator - High Pressure Co-Generation
  • Control Operator - High Pressure Co-Generation 
  • Fossil Operations Instructor
  • Simple Cycle and Combine Cycle Combustion Turbine Instructor
  • Supercritical Boiler Instructor 
  • Simulator Instructor

Education and Certifications

  • Boiler Water Chemistry
  • Westinghouse DCS Boiler Control systems
  • G E Mark V and Mark VI   
  • Master Chief American Society of Power Engineers (ASOPE) license
  • Certified ASOPE Technical Instructor
  • ASOPE License Examiner
  • Wisconsin Board Of Examing Engineers - Board Member
  • American Society Of Power Engineers - Board Member

Ron has developed several training coures, such as:

  • Low Pressure Power engineering
  • Sub and Supercritical power Engineering
  • Simple Cycle and Combine Cycle Combustion Turbines
  • Bio-Mass plant operations
  • O.S.H.A. Courses
  • Simulator

David Jurgensen

6 years of Naval Nuclear experience as a Mechanic, Operator, and an Instructor.

34 + years in the utilities field

  • Naval Nuclear Engineering O&M
  • Naval Nuclear Instructor
  • Started Initial Criticality of an A1W pressurized water reactor
  • Traveling Field Engineer for turbine generator retrofit projects.
  • Operations and Maintenance planner for outages
  • Hands On experience in Yard Operations, Plant Operations, and as a Control Operator
  • Water Treatment plant operator, Demin. and Reverse-Osmosis water treatment systems.
  • Turbine-Generator Operator, Manual and Automatic Sychronous systems.
  • Combustion Turbine Operations.
  • Unit operator, Co-Generation Boilers in battery systems, Nuclear systems operator.
  • Emergency Diesel Generator Operator.
  • Created and Administered a Operations and Maintenance Training Orgenaizarion
  • Fossil Operations Sub critical plant Instructor
  • Fossil Operations Super critical plant Instructor - Elm Road Generating Station
  • Regulatory Administrator and Instructor 
  • Environmental Consultant and Instructor 
  • IT Administrator for simulators, coiurse equipment, and fossil operations networks 
  • Simulation Course Development and Instructor
  • Developed and trained the suvants on nuclear energy at the Milwuakee Discovery World

 Education and Certifications

  • Mechanical Engineering - BSME
  • ASOPE Licensing Examiner
  • ASOPE Certified  - Technical Instructor
  • ASOPE Licensed Chief Operating Engineer
  • Member of the Wisconsin Board Of Examing Engineers
  • Ovation and Mark VI DCS control systems.
  • SCADA Controls Certified.
  • SImulator Instructor Certified.
  • Pope & Young Consulting Pair Certified
  • Langevin Instructor Certification
  • City of Milwaukee 1st Class Boiler Operator

David has developed and administered several training programs for all occupations within the power engineering field. Examples include the following:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Basic Power Plant Engineering Programs
  • Created a operational training program for Thilmany Paper, 360 hours on their facility.  
  • O.S.H.A. standard courses (Ex: Asbestos, Powered motor vehicles, CPR/AED/First Aid) 
  • Thermal Processing plant for Electrical and papermill production co-generation plant using multiple fuels.
  • Black Liquor Processes, bark burning, gas fired, oil fired, coal fired, chain grate, and Nuclear fueled plants.
  • Super and Sub critical power engineering programs 
  • Simple and Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine
  • Simulator operations and trouble shooting 
  • Cretaed Information Technology courses in the e-learning based training environment using Content Creator. (Ex: chemistry, environmental, and Bently systems piping and instrument diagrams.)

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